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ABOUT Greenfields SCHOOL

Head of School's Welcome,


Welcome to Greenfields Primary School, a truly special place to learn together. I have had a pleasure of teaching and leading schools for the past 20 years and find great pleasure in seeing children and young people grow and become the best they can be. I would love the opportunity to share our experience with you.


I trust our website and prospectus will give you a glimpse of life at Greenfields. I am sure you will have many questions about entrusting the education and the care of children and young people to the school and the staff.


We have a staff team that I am very proud of, they are highly motivated and dedicated, striving to provide the pupils with the possible opportunities to grow and develop. Our mission is to ensure that we all learn together, following the Greenfields Trail, - Discipline, Commitment and Success.


To support us in this we ask all of our community to commit to the “SPIRIT” of Greenfields our school charter that outlines how we agree to learn together. Pupils at Greenfields Primary achieve and make very good progress. We have some excellent facilities and aspire to build learning environment that support the need of the students.


Mr. Bila M.R
​Head of School

Our Vision & Mission


Every learner feels valued and inspired in our innovative education system


 We are committed to provide functional and modern schools that enable quality teaching and learning to protect and promote the right of every learner to quality, equitable and relevant education.


 We always practice our 4Ps, namely, Positive, Punctual, Polite and Prompt.

Our History

Greenfields primary school was established in 2006. It is a public school in Gauteng province. It is situated in Greenfields area which is a semi – formal settlement. The school capacity for learners is 1800, 42 educators and 9 PS staff.


It is the only primary school in the area so has enrolled 1800 learners from Grade R – 7, has 42 teachers and 9 PS staff members. It is graded as quintile one, no fee school and section 21. The school offers English as First Additional (EFAL) Langauge, SeSotho, Isizulu and Isixhosa as Home Langauges.


The school has 36 classrooms and in addition has organized 7 mobile classrooms. The School has two computer labs with over 100 computers.


The school has a feeding programme for its needy learners. The school feeds 100 percent of the learners participating in the feeding programme. There different businesses giving school uniform to our needy learners. The school has a toilet system, taps, the school is well fenced and the security of learners and educators as well as facilities is the priority of the school management team and the school governing body. The school has school a democratically elected school governing body, the school is used by the community for various activities the school governing body and school management team has allowed community activities as part of the involvement of the community and ownership and security reasons.

Our Former Staff Members

Active From January 2006 To March 2022

MRS N MNENE (GRADE 1)_edited.jpg

"This is how I would like to appreciate to Greenfields primary school.  


I have joined Greenfields primary school in January 2006 to 31 March 2022. I thank you to Greenfields primary school staff to give me the opportunity you have given me to be with you. 


You show me love and respect and I have learned a lot from you. Collaboration with my colleagues makes me feel at home and gives me strength.


To the school principal and all SMT members I thank you for your kindness and for being the wonderful, amazing person you are. I know I am blessed to have you in my life.

Keep on the good work guys.


Yours sincerely"


Mrs Mnene M.N

Former Foundation Phase Teacher

Active From January 2006 To March 2022


"Appreciation of the time spent at your place of employment is herewith made. It has been thirty eight tedious years that I really feel they were worth their toll. I loved every minute of each day that I spent at your institution. However its time for me to say good bye, as the grass is now spectre grey and I feel there`s a need to for greener pastures.


Allow me to thank you and your pundits on ensuring that on the 20th day of each month my wages in a form salary was deposited into my banking account. You were prompt and regular in payments as it caused you no pain as you qualified it as peanuts with a few raisins. Your monthly electricity bill is three times more than my salary and twice more than your monthly petrol allowance but I soldiered on. Remember your definition of salary is a token offered to the unwise for their silence.


My natural energies has been drained and am incapable to perform any further activity including the conjugal duties. I am glad for the time we spent together and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Kind regards

 SM Langa"


Mr Langa S.M

Former Deputy Principal

Active From January 2006 To May 2022


"My stay at Greenfields Primary School


This is how I would like to appreciate my stay at the above mentioned school. I joined Greenfields primary school in 2006 and was fortunate to be amongst the first five that were employed when the school started functioning. 


I would say, working in that school was the most interesting and exciting period throughout my teaching experience. I learnt a lot from the community at large and  came to an understanding that in order for me to enjoy my stay I first needed to understand and appreciate the socio economic and political background of them.


Obviously challenges were there , however they did not stop me from performing my daily deliverables be it in class,staff members and the community.


The support provided to me by the SMT ,SAPS. Metro police when conducting awareness campaigns was immeasurable .


To those wishing to pursue their career at Greenfields Primary, I would say, go for it,that school has a tremendous amount of teachers with experience.


With that having said, thank you so much to my former SMT members, my colleagues i.e

teaching and none teaching staff and finally parents for believing in me in taking care of their offsprings until I exited the system in May 2022. 


Thank you Greenfields Primary School."


Ms Mvuleni T.A

Former Foundation Phase Teacher

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