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Greenfields Primary is located in Katlehong our school is in the Ekhuruleni South education district in the Gauteng province. It serves learners stating from grade R to 7



Learners are recognized for their academic extra-mural achievements Awarding ceremonies are held 3 times per year. In recognising achievements our learners learn that effort and dedication are noticed and celebrated this develops children’s skills to be the best. Service providers are given the opportunity to contribute with prizes and costs during the last ceremony.

School times

The average school day for learners in our school starts at 07:20am and would end at 14:00pm in all grades. All learners partake in the School Nutrition programme 5 days a week. On Wednesday leaners take part in extramural activities from 07h30am – 08h30am


The purpose of giving homework is to reinforce what was done in class and enable learners to gain confidence in working independently. We aim at giving parents an opportunity to be involved in their children’s academic progress. Parent do support the school in this regard.

Examinations / formal assessments                            

A process fused to measure learner’s understanding and competence in the set curriculum. Our learners are tested continuously we have a formal assessment policy that stipulates expectations and procedures.



Our school is currently using CAPS curriculum. It the duty of each educator to implement the curriculum as expected and ensure that curriculum is covered as expected in all grades and subjects.


Curriculum is sub-set in the following categories



Grade R:

  1. Home Language (Sesotho, IsiZulu, IsiXhosa)

  2. English (first Additional language)

  3. Mathematics

  4. Life Skills



Grade 1-3:

  1. Home language (Sesotho or IsiZulu)

  2. English (first Additional language)

  3. Life Skills

  4. Mathematics


Grade 4-6:

  1. Home language (Sesotho or IsiZulu)

  2. English (language of instruction and first additional language)

  3. Life Skills

  4. Mathematics

  5. Naturals Science and Technology

  6. Social Sciences

Grade 7:

  1. IsiZulu Home Language

  2. English First Additional Language

  3. Mathematics

  4. Life Skills

  5. Natural Science

  6. Technology

  7. Social Science

  8. Creative Art

  9. Economics Management Science


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